Michelle Mazurek

Director, Maryland Cybersecurity Center
Associate Professor, Computer Science and UMIACS
University of Maryland, College Park

My research focuses on human-centered computer security. I'm interested in understanding and influencing security and privacy behaviors and preferences by collecting real data from real users. Recently I have focused on topics including making security easier for professionals such as sysadmins and software developers, understanding how and why end users learn and apply security behaviors, and investigating adoption of end-to-end encrypted messaging.

I also direct the Security, Privacy, People lab (SP2) within the Maryland Cybersecurity Center.

I have limited openings for talented, motivated students who are excited about interdisciplinary research in HCI and security. If this sounds like you, whether you are already at Maryland or considering applying, please get in touch.

I am pleased to work with some excellent graduate students and postdocs, including:

I also work with some great undergraduate research assistants, including Joe Lewis and Jason Walter.

Students and postdocs I have supervised or worked closely with in the past: Omer Akgul (CS PhD 2023, now a postdoc at CMU), Wei Bai (ECE PhD 2019, now at Google), Kelsey Fulton (CS PhD 2023, now faculty at Colorado School of Mines), Nathan Malkin (Postdoc, now faculty at NJIT), Kris Micinski (CS PhD 2017, now faculty at Syracuse), Elissa Redmiles (CS PhD 2019, now faculty at Georgetown), Rock Stevens (CS PhD 2020), Daniel Votipka (CS PhD 2020, now faculty at Tufts), Noel Warford (CS PhD 2024, now faculty at Oberlin), Debjani Saha (CS MS, 2020), Desiree Abrokwa (UMD CS undergrad), Anna Chan (UMD CS undergrad), Shruti Das (UMD CS undergrad), Moses Namara (UMD CS undergrad, now a PhD student at Clemson University), Mary Nicole Dugay Punzalan (UMD CS undergrad), Dhruv Kuchhal (MAIT undergrad, now a PhD student at Georgia Tech).


Maryland Cybersecurity Center (MC2)
Human-Computer Interaction Lab (HCIL)


CyLab Usable Privacy and Security lab (CUPS)
Parallel Data Lab (PDL)

Contact information

mmazurek at umd dot edu

5236 Iribe Center
College Park, MD 20742